Directory Structure

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# Introduction

The default Firelayer project structure is intended to provide a simple starting point for a Firebase web application that can be easily scaled to your needs.

# Aditional Information

This project uses Lerna to handle multiple packages and yarn workspaces to better manage those packages.

# The Root Directory

# The apps Directory

The app directory contains the applications packages that your project uses. For example, the Starter Template is composed by two packages, the Administration Dashboard on apps/admin and the Cloud Functions API on apps/functions.

# The config Directory

The config directory contains all the project configurations. Read the configuration page for more information.

# The database Directory

The database directory contains the project migrations and initial seed files.

# The rules Directory

The rules directory contains the rules to be deployed in the Firebase project.

  • Firestore rules
  • Database rules
  • Storage rules
  • Storage CORS rules
  • Firestore indexes
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